Request for improvement - Question scope tag


My proposed feature is a tag (I propose either simple capital letters I / S / H or a new colored dot (for example purple but can be any color really)) next to the already established tags for filters and conditions, to show whether the scope of question/roster/etc. (so whether it is set to Interviewer, Supervisor or Hidden)

Affected subsystems

This feature would mainly affect the designer.


This feature will be used by designers.


Right now to check the scope of a question we have to click on it and manually check every single one. During testing when this is manipulated and changed a lot it might be troublesome to keep track of which questions we changed and which we need to change back after we tested it.

What is the effect of this feature?

This feature would not change the behaviour or feel of the designer enviroment too much for the current designers and so they would not be negatively affecterd by this new feature in any way. However, the designers that do request this feauture or are having the same issue with it, they would definitely learn to differentiate this new tag/icon/letter quickly and it would greatly help them keep track of scopes of questions.


This change should affect all questionnaires and it should be an easy update for the web designer envirmonment as the only thing it does is that it takes the question scope value for every question and based on that adds a corresponding tag next to the already established tags (for conditions and filters)


I am positive any and all designers can make use of this feature if it gets implemented.


The only limit I see for this feature is that there will be more icons to keep track of but can be solved by adding somewhere (or to every question → I would leave that design up to you) a button that can be checked that says “Show question scope tags” or something similar if you feel like it should not be turned on by default for everyone.

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Hello @MichalSobor,

in the questionnaires that I prepare I use the question text itself to signal this information. For example:

  • I mark with an asterisk (*) the fields which I expect the survey administrator will preload when creating assignments.

  • I mark with a tilde (~) the fields which are hidden.

This works quite well and the questionnaire co-authors get used to that convention pretty quickly.

Best, Sergiy