Request for assistance in server port forwarding through router

Dear support team, members,

We have installed SS on one of the virtual servers at ICRISAT (functioning in local host); the appsettings.production.ini file is configured as,

DefaultConnection=Persist Security Info=true;Server=;Port=5432;User Id=postgres;Password=123;Database=SurveySolutions

While the web application is attempted to deploy in the internet (with domain address through institute router (on ubuntu), there seems to be a problem with port forwarding (attached the error message). As the network administration is facing difficulty in solving the problem, requesting the support team for assistance in server setup.



The posted issue is resolved.

Was the problem something specific to your particular environment? or something more general that would benefit other users as well? if so, it would be great if you could share the solution here…

The problem is related to configuring the squid.conf file of the Ubuntu router for the institute network. There is still an issue (The diagnosis file is attached for reference - Google Drive) in connecting the interviewer from tablet version to the server through internet (displaying password error message). If there is any known solution, please help.


Hello @abilash89 , another user @khomotsomaffa has earlier reported having difficulties making it work behind the Squid proxy, see here:

That was resolved eventually by moving the setup to Azure. But @khomotsomaffa may have more details about possible configuration changes/settings.

NB: you should not run the actual data collection over the HTTP protocol. While the server responds and exchanges data with the tablets, such communication will not be secure. Hence, install an SSL certificate for your server.

Many thanks @sergiy. Yes, we are planning to add security to the server after it is configured. We will move to cloud platform either on AWS or Azure; and as we are not experienced in setting up the server (on cloud), any consultancy help will be very supportive for us (if needed, consultancy fee will be served by ICRISAT).

Also, as a last attempt to set up the SS on home server, is there a way to know if the communication between SS application and Postgres application is working over internet access.


The connection string determines which Postgres server the Survey Solutions application will be communicating with to store/retrieve data. Often this can be the same server. Also it is quite common to have a separate DB server within the same network, such as within the same organization, or in the same cloud virtual network. I see no theoretical factor that could make it impossible calling DB transactions over the internet (e.g. having a Survey Solutions web server in the USA and having the data stored in Malaysia), but such a setup could be rather disappointing from the performance point of view. If you suspect the DB server is unreachable, visit the health check page:

  • Try to disable that Squid product on your network or bypass it by connecting to a different network.
  • Make sure you are entering the correct password, as this could just be the case of a genuine password entry error.

Hello Team, Am Mussa Nyaa from Tanzania, Sorry am planning to use a survey solution App for my survey end of this month, I met some difficulties when configuring the App. Please assist me on server setup and installation.

Hi Mussa,

We’d be happy to help, as long as you’re able to give us more details - what specific steps have you done; what was the expected outcome and what (error) are you getting instead?

Also, unless your question is also about the port-forwarding, please open a new topic with a descriptive title, that way there is a higher chance that someone with the right experience will see your post and respond.