Request failed with status code 500

Use Giuseppe Maggio has sent us the following question:

If I go under the data export page, the server reports (in red, on the top right) a message saying “Request failed with status code 500”.

End-users should not see this error under the normal operation. It is a generic catch-all error for all sort of problems on the server, see here. The message itself gives no clues at the nature of the problem. It only means that the user’s browser has sent a request to the server, and received an error in response. What happened on the server is not communicated back.

The user should contact the server administrator to inspect the server logs for any records that could clarify the nature of the problem.

There is also a possibility that the communication with the Survey Solutions server is blocked by some appliance in the middle (load balancer, firewall, proxy, etc) which responds 500 instead of the Survey Solutions server. In that case there likely will be nothing in the Survey Solutions logs, as it never gets a chance to even receive the request. What exactly that something could be is known only to the network owner who should inspect the logs of all such appliances or turn them off to determine which one is causing the problem. Similar case.