Request failed unexpectedly Error!!!

Please help me to solve this compilation error: Request failed unexpectedly, tried refreshing browser but in vain!

Tried importing to server, yet error: Internal server error occurred. Please contact the Survey Solutions customer support team at

Your expertise and support will be highly appreciated.


If you haven’t already, please do contact the support team at the email address above. This type of issue is typically better handled that way than on the forum, since understanding and replicating the problem may require sharing information that wouldn’t want to share publicly.

Thank you and much appreciated for the suggestion!

If the questionnaire fails to compile in the Designer, no HQ-server will be able to import it.

“Request failed unexpectedly” doesn’t sound like a compilation error, though, but like a connectivity issue. Log out of the Designer, log in again, recompile the questionnaire. If the error persists, grab a screenshot of what you are seeing and post here.

Thanks! I did as you suggested, but in vain. Others are working and network connectivity is good. Here is my screenshot plez:

I have following modules and all compiles well, except one ( BH-SDI SURVEY 2022 - HEALTH CARE PROVIDER QUESTIONNAIRE v1 …, as in the pic below:

Dear @tjamtshok,

my colleague has just notified me that the problem with accessing this particular questionnaire has been fixed and you should now be able to work with it as usual. We regret of any inconvenience that this may have caused.

As we are investigating the possible explanations for this glitch, it would be helpful if you could provide a description of the sequence of the last actions you did before losing access to the questionnaire. This should help us prevent this problem from occurring again.

Best, Sergiy

Dear @sergiy,
Thank you and much appreciated for the support and fixing the glitch. It has now relieved my stress a lot to redo the questionnaire!

Well, I was working on the nested ROSTER, then first got the system error “Interview contains total number of roster instances and questions exceeding the system limits.” I reduced the Maximum number of items in a roster: 60 items (as shown in pic), saved it and run COMPILE and got the error: Request failed unexpectedly!

Once again thank you for fixing the system glitch.