Reordering elements in two variable


I have two variables that store the household members that match a condition and their telephone numbers.

Currently, I have a text that states "The household members are %householdmembers% and their numbers are %telephone numbers%.
I want to reorder the text by stating “The household members available and their numbers are Mary: 79825616, Peter 981492739, etc…”. Instead of stating the names and their telephones separately, I need to combine the name and the number of each member.

How can I do that? I hope it is understood.

Thank you,

And what if they are of different lengths?

Please describe the exact structure of the questionnaire (rosters, links, questions, question types etc) as any advice would be conditional on this, as well as any of your assumptions that are not part of the design, such as “I assume the two lists are always of the same length (number of items)

They must have the same length since they come from a roster, and both have the same enabling conditions. I extracted these variables as strings to use them in a text.