Removing Interviewer Assigned and Supervisor Assigned status columns in reports about interviews

The problem I am encountering is that the survey management team look at the Survey and Statuses and Team and Statuses reports to monitor the progress of fieldwork and since they see 0 in the Interviewer Assigned and Supervisor Assigned columns, then they assume that all assignments have been completed when this is not correct. The presence of 0 these two Assigned columns are misleading. If these reports are supposed to be about interviews only (and not assignments) and interviews can no longer ever have the “Interviewer Assigned” or “Supervisor Assigned” status, can we remove the statuses “Supervisor Assigned” and “Interviewer Assigned” columns from these reports?

If they are supposed to include assignments as well, then can the numbers in the table correctly reflect the number of assignments similar to the Status Duration report?

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If the [Surveys|Teams] and Statuses reports were redone like the Status Duration report, where Supervisor Assigned and Interviewer Assigned columns map to assignments, would you want the counts to be assignments or unfulfilled interviews? If unfulfilled interviews, how should summaries be presented when one or more assignment has an indeterminate number of interviews (i.e., __quantity == -1)?

For web interview, I believe that these columns still make sense. (Am I right @sergiy?) For non-web interviews, I agree that these columns do not make sense as is.

I would prefer the unfulfilled numbers but the number of assignments would probably be better to be inclusive of both finite and infinite assignments. If we do show unfulfilled numbers, I think then we can just ignore infinite assignments for the [Surveys|Teams] and Statuses reports.

A user had some suggestions on how this could be implemented in a previous post.

Thanks for linking to the other thread.

If we counted unfulfilled interviews and included assignments of indeterminate size, here’s an idea how: add a + to the end of the count. Suppose we have assignments with the following numbers of unfulfilled interviews: 2, 1, -1. Let the count be displayed as 3+. We can count 3 interviews. We suspect that there might be 1 or more interviews from the assignment with size -1. For any tables or data sets that rely on these numbers (e.g. for computations), treat 3+ as 3.

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The report Interviews and Statuses is built on the basis of interviews only.
The assignments are not impacting that report at all.

The columns InterviewerAssigned and SupervisorAssigned show the number of interviews currently in progress in responsibility of the mentioned figures.

  • InterviewerAssigned - you will see those when an interviewer starts an interview using a Web interface.
  • SupervisorAssigned - you will see those for interviews started, when a web-assignment is made to the supervisor.

@l2nguyen no, we can not remove these columns from the report as that would create imbalance for some servers (total interviews is not equal to the sum by statuses).

Ok. If we cannot get remove them, they should be made more useful to see number of outstanding interviews for anyone that is not doing a survey with only web interviews. Currently, as they stand, they are somewhat misleading.

There is currently no report or easy way to see the number of assignments have been made and how many are still in progress by team or by survey. Assignments are largely missing from the reports so this makes it hard to monitor the whole workflow.

I find the Interviewer Assigned column to be quite useful as it shows the number of interviews that have been started but have not been completed yet.
Sometimes they should be discarded by the interviewer, but occasionally they’ve just forgotten to hit complete that second time.
Some of my interviewers are on tablet, others are using web.

I think the tracking of assignments is a bit of a separate issue and should possibly have its own new area in the reports dropdown.

A possibility to help reduce confusion (but not add any functionality for assignment tracking) would be to hide the InterviewerAssigned and SupervisorAssigned columns if there are 0 in total for each in the whole questionnaire with a piece of javascript.

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