Removing assignments created in error

Our user Brenda de Kok has sent us the following question:

Dear madam/sir,
I have a question regarding the management of our questionnaires. We have sent out some duplicate assignments and I would like to archive the double ones.
On our server I can check an overview of all data of each assigned questionnaire (see annex). Is it possible to have this overview exported in an Excel?
I have tried to download (date export) the “interviewer assigned” questionnaires, but all data files I download in STATA are empty.
I have seen the post on the forum on suggested features “Export full contents of Assignments screen, both via UI and API”, but could not find any answer what my options are.

Every downloads file contains the file assignments__actions the content of which is described here.

On the basis of this file the assignments list is compiled in the Survey Solutions.
If the data is exported to tab-delimited file, that should be importable to Excel. Refer to the corresponding Excel manual for reference on how to do it.

I am not sure why is that at all required. If the assignments were created in duplication then there should be a point in time, after which they were created and simple sorting of the list by time and knocking them out to archived should suffice.