Rejection of interview

I have rejected surveys from the headquarter but the intreviewer cannot see it. The survey i have rejected was done in another version and we are currently on a new version . What could be the problem.

What is the status of those interviews now?

If the status is Rejected by Headquarters, it is only going to be visible to the supervisor (and HQ)
The Supervisor needs to also reject before the interviewer sees it.

If you want the interview to skip the check of the supervisor (who sits between the interviewer and HQ) then you can assign it directly to the original interviewer or reject it again, which will change the status to Rejected by Supervisor, then the interviewer will receive it when they synchronise next.

Thanks for your help

In Headquarters, another option is to open the interview first, and then click “Reject”. That way the status will go straight to “Rejected by Supervisor”.

That is only if it is in the Completed state and not yet Approved By Supervisor.
If it’s been Approved By Supervisor, it’ll go to Rejected By Headquarters.

Thanks for the clarification!