Rejecting interviews with missing answers// Warnings for unanswered questions

Dear Survey Solutions team,

for the evaluation of our survey it is essential that each section of the questionnaire is completely answered. Since Survey Solutions does not provide an option for declaring questions as mandatory, we cannot make the submission of the interview conditional on having all questions answered. Is it possible to reject a submission and ask for revision of the unanswered questions as many times as it will be necessary or is there an upper limit?

Does the software for interview revision have a build-in tool to quickly determine unanswered questions or is it advisable to calculate the number of unanswered questions for example as a variable inside the survey?

To prevent unanswered questions in the first place, we have included a warning at the end of each section which shows the number of unanswered questions in this section using the NumberUnansweredQuestions() command. Is there a practicable way to include the name/ ordinal number of the unanswered question in the text, for example, “2 questions in this section are unanswered, please revise questions “A1” and “A5”?

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When the interviewer goes to complete an interview (which they have to do before they can sync it to the server), they will see the number of unanswered questions in their questionnaire:

Additionally, the section will not turn green until they have filled in all the questions with a valid response.

Using the Supervisor/HQ interface, the user can quickly filter for Unanswered question when reviewing a completed interview using the filters on the left side. This allows them to easily see how many unanswered questions there are in the interview so they can quickly reject the interview.

Additionally, if you are more technically inclined, there is an API endpoint that will give you the number of unanswered questions for a particular interview: /api/v1/interviews/{id}/stats

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Dear Lena,

thank you for your helpful response!

Do you know if supervisors/ HQ can reject an interview multiple times or is this limited to a certain number?

can reject multiple times.

be mindful about the respondents though. :thinking: they will not appreciate if you are having a 17th visit to clarify something…