Rejected Interviews Cannot be Re-Submitted (Request failed with status code 500)

We are getting an issue where an interview had been rejected from the supervisor and the interviewer has made adjustments but cannot resubmit the interview. When hitting complete an error on the top right corner appears with the message: Error Request Failed with status code 500

See the screenshot below

This has happened in two cases today. Any solution that may exist on this?

You mentioned that this only happened to two interviewers.
What about the other interviewers?
Can you reproduce the problem on the demo server?

I was just informed that it has occurred to more interviews… I haven’t been able to access the demo server.

I have followed the steps as you described them on a demo server and didn’t experience the problem you’ve described.

Best, Sergiy

Can you please find this interview in interviews list ad Headquarter or Supervisor user and check if it has “received by tablet” checkbox enabled?

If it has, than its not possible to complete it using web UI since tablet has a copy of interview now. You need to complete it on tablet and synchronise

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Thank you Andrew, this solves it. Thank you Sergyi for walking me through yesterday.