Rejected Interviews and MAPS

Hello Everyone,

We have upgrade the survey solution server in latest version 22.06.1 (build 32717) and for the moment we are faced with two problems.

  1. Rejected interviews from Supervisors, even the interviewers fix them, none of them are coming to the server (are still on the tablet)
  2. About MAP – we integrated the maps on own server on the proper files and we assigned to the interviewers but when we log in the tablet to see the boundaries and the assignments (objects) the image layer is not loaded (showing the map behind).
    Attached find some screen shots.
    Hopefully we will get a solutions ASAP.

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Dear @mentorshala

What versions do you have on both (or all three) tablets? If it’ snot the latest one, please update and try again.

If you have the latest ones:

  1. Could you please Send Tablet Information from both tablets (Supervisor and corresponding Interviewer) and provide both packages?

  2. On both of your screenshots the web maps are selected. If there is no Internet connection these maps cannot be displayed. If you synced shapefile and got assignments - they are working offline. Did you assign any offline map to this person that is not working?

Dear @vitalii

Thank you for your response.
I have the same versions on both. The situation is the same in local server, also I tried in the Personal demo server and .

Dear @mentorshala

Could you please describe more detailed steps to reproduce your problem with synchronize rejected interviews.

Dear @spuv

The problem is with the Interviews which are being rejected by the supervisor to the interviewers.
The interviewers are making the necessary improvements according to the recommendations of the supervisors and the same are being completed. After synchronization these interviews are not coming to the server, but they are going from completed to rejected on the Tablet.
I uploaded a short video on YouTube to see the problem

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Confirming issue with the maps. Will be fixed soon

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New version was released. It should address these issues.

Thank you @vitalii, these issues are solved!

Best regards @mentorshala, a query like this built the shape so that the label β€œKrushe e Medhe 006” comes out, thanks