Registering Server with Designer

Dear SurveySolutions Team,

We have a local installation of your application. When trying to import a Questionnaire, after entering the login details for the designer we are getting the message:

The server is not registered with Questionnaire Designer. Please contact support for registration.

As far as I know, this was not the case before. Can you provide some more detailed instructions? What information to you need for registration and where do we send it?

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Dear Thorsten,

We need your ip address to register your server with Designer.

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Komarovskaya Aleksandra

Survey Solutions Team Support

Main Site:
Questionnaire Designer:
Demo Server: (Login/Password: Headquarters1)
YouTube Channel:

Hi Aleksandra,

I have the same issue. I made a request until now i don’t have any answer.

Can you help me with this issue?

Kind regards


Hi Everyone,

Go to
Under Headquarters heading tap Standalone server.
Tap on second bullet “request for a local server”.
Login using your Survey Solutions Designer credentials.
Choose drop down menu “Create Request”.
Complete the application form and provide IP address particulars for your Server.

Hope this is of assistance.

Kind regards


Sheona’s advice is good and outlines the request for a standalone server formally described here.

Nordino wrote:

from which, it follows, he has already completed these steps, submitted a request and still experienced difficulty.

I am in direct communication with the user regarding this issue.

Sergiy, I already made the change on my server regarding the IP. I have two IP’s on my server and the Survey Solutions app is pointed to one of them, the one that use Survey is not communicating with Designer.
I set the survey solution IP to primary and nothing.

Kind regards