Refreshing Links

I seem to have a slight problem with my questionnaire. I’ve been doing major changes to my Qr like removing and adding whole sections from my Qr, and all of a sudden some enablements are not working.

Is there a refresh button to refresh these links?


Dear Dan,

What do you mean by ‘refreshing links’? when you are testing your questionnaire in the Tester app, the version there is always ‘fresh’, i.e. reflecting all recent changes from the server. If your enablement conditions don’t work because you’re getting compilation errors, you should first fix those errors to open the questionnaire. In case you’d like to (temporarily) revert your changes you can always go to the history tab and recover the last known working version, then apply changes one-by-one to see which of those broke conditions.

If there is something else happening that I’ve missed, please give us more details on what kind of error message are you seeing (if any).


Thanks Zurab,

The problem was from one of the enablement conditions I missed. Now it’s fixed.

Thanks for your time.