Referring to list question items in single select question

Dear Survey Solutions team,

I would like to refer to answers in a list question in following single select questions. There will be just one follow-up question (for each item in the list) and therefore I do not want to use a roster (also because this is for an online questionnaire, and there will be no trained interviewers). I think a number of single questions will be more elegant and less confusing in this case (because it would eliminate the need to navigate from the roster back to the main section). Is there a way to refer to items of the list question in the question text of the following single select question?

E.g. the list question is called “quar_lat” and asks for the latin names of agricultural pests. Then for each pest in the list, I want to ask in a single select question “quar_state” if they were found dead, alive or both dead and alive.

I think I would have to fix the number of single select follow up questions by the maximum number of pests I think the respondent will enter, but I will need to use an enabling condition based on the number of items entered in the list question to determine whether the xth question is shown or not (e.g. if I think there will be a maximum of 5 pests listed, and the respondent enters only 2, I would hide follow up questions referring to items 3-5).

I looked through the forum questions, but couldn’t find anything similar.I thought it would be something like this “Please indicate whether %quar_lat,[1]]% were found dead, alive, or both.”

Many thanks in advance!


Hello Sebastian and thank you for the question. It is of course possible to do by pulling out individual names from the list into individual variables and then mentioning them in the subsequent questions. However, it is easier to wait until Monday where a new feature will bring a plain mode roster. With it you will have the advantage of a roster without an inconvenience of roster buttons.

If you still decide to do it in the current version keep in mind that as the list is compiled the items in the list are assigned codes which are not necessarily consecutive.

Best, Sergiy

Thank you Sergiy,

The plain mode roster does exactly what I wanted to do.



Hello team Survey Solutions, I have 4 sections questionnaire, where I ve got only the third section available which has 6 questions. It is available the section 2 if at least one of those 6 questions from section 3 is marked with the option 2 (Si=1 / No=2).

I attach screenshot with the questionnaire design and code, I want to know if I can be optimized code.

  1. Does your question have anything to do with the discussion above? If not, move to a new thread.

  2. It is generally a poor design to make anything in section 2 dependent on something section 3. Reconsider this decision.

  3. there is no screenshot attached to your post.

That is clearly a disaster. Do not write anything like that in the production.

Do study the Survey Solutions functions.
My guess CountValue() is what can be used here (instead of the mess shown in the screenshot):


If you didn’t know about the function, you still could have written:
(q1==2) || (q2==2) || (q3==2) || (q4==2) || (q5==2) || (q6==2)

What led to the expression shown in the screenshot I have no idea.

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Thanks for your indications