Referring to information in rosters

Is it possible to refer to responses inside of a roster?

We have a roster of parcels farmed by the household, and one of the questions is who farms the parcel. Later on we want to identify the members of the household who farm and then ask them more questions about those parcels.

e.g., from the parcel roster we obtain the following information:
Parcel 1: farmer = HH member #1
Parcel 2: farmer = HH member #4
Parcel 3: farmer = HH member #2

Later on we want to interview the members of the household who farm. We want to ask HH member #1 about parcel #1, HH member #2 about parcel #3, and HH member #4 about parcel #2.

Is there any way to do this?

Yes, this is possible, but the exact answer varies depending on the actual structure of the questionnaire.

Refer to the “Data Types” page of the support site. Linked question may also be validated and have filters based on it.

will count how many plots are taken care of (single select categorical linked question Worker) by member with code 7.

The remainder of your question is not very clear, since it is more than likely that there will be household members taking care of multiple plots, unlike your 1:1 example. Perhaps you can explain what will be the iterator at that level.

Best Sergiy


Linked question may not trigger a roster, so this is not a productive way.

Instead have a roster of parcels nested into a persons roster, and in the enabling condition for the parcels verify whether this parcel is farmed by the corresponding person. Note that you will need to refer to both @rowcode variables for the parcel and for the person. To do that, create a computed variable personcode=@rowcode in the persons roster, than you can refer to it in the condition you are writing for filtering the parcels.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Thanks Sergiy.

Yes, there will likely be household members taking care of multiple plots. What we are actually hoping for is not just the count but the description of each parcel. More specifically:

  1. We ask for a list of the names of parcels in the household.
  2. For each parcel, we ask which household member farms the parcel. Ideally this question would be within a parcel roster, but we currently have a separate question for each possible parcel because we could not figure out how to do this with a roster.
  3. Later in the survey, we have a roster with a validation condition that only household members who farm will be asked these questions (this part is working). Within this household roster, we want to ask each household member about the parcels they farm, according to the information collected previously. If they farm more than one parcel, this would be a parcel roster within the household roster. So if Person #2 farms Parcels #3 and #4, we want to ask Person #2 only about Parcels #3 and #4, and refer to those parcels by name (to make sure they know which parcel we’re talking about). What we are struggling to do is pull up the names of the correct parcels for the correct people.

The way we are trying to structure this is:
(a) a select-multiple question that lists, as choice options, the names of the parcels given previously (these were given in a List question)
(b) a filter on the choice options in this question so that we only ask each person about the right parcels.
We haven’t been able to do either of these things. Is this possible