Reference roster1 rowcode to enabling roster 2

I have two roster questions and household listing with some questions and roster-2 should only be answered for some household member that selected some code in household listing roster (hh_roster).

i used below syntax but complain cannot convert system.collections.generic.enumerable to bool

(hh_roster.Where(x => x.A20 > 0).Select(d =>d.hhcode==@rowcode))

note: roster1 name: hh_roster and A20 (numeric question) and hhcode (is variable defined long in roster1 to store rowcode) and @rowcode (refers to rowcode in roster 2). HELP

  1. hh_roster variable hhcode complain syntax error

variable name hhcode
in the expression i type @rowcode

Thanks in advance.

  1. A20>0
  2. not understood. Please explain.

Thanks Sergiy Radyakin,

A20 > 0 (Is a number of employee in a company including owner). What it means is that roster2 is about Business owner, that need to be answered only by those household member in roster1 that own a business.

  1. I created a variable in roster1 called hhcode is LONG type that store @rowcode of member in roster1.

In expression part i write:: @rowcode
when compile give: Expression has syntax error

Thanks in Advance.

On issue #1 do you agree or disagree? Is it solved now with the proposed condition A20>0 ?

On issue #2 refer to data types article

Thanks Sergiy.

Issues #1: It works perfectly (I Agree).

Please, can i ask for little explanation on how it works.

Issues #2: works now that i use (long)@rowcode



I am not sure what specifically needs explanation on #1. The rosters triggered by the same question are parts of the same structure in the computer’s memory, and they are just presented as different sets of the buttons for the interviewers. From the point of view of the syntax, you can refer to variables in the other rosters and it will imply the same rowcode as the one for the condition being evaluated.

Hope this helps.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin