Reference answers to question in roster as an enabling condition

I have a roster part of which is shown below:

USUAL_RESIDENCE has two options - Yes and No. Later on, I have a set of questions that I only want to be displayed if at least one person in the household answers YES.

I have the following enabling condition:


However, it gives me the error

The name ‘usual_resisdence’ does not exist in the current context.

I would appreciate a pointer in the right direction.

I think that I figured it out. I created a variable after the hhroster:


I later use whether the value is 0 or > 0 in the enabling conditions.

If I see it correctly, I think you just forgot to use the second identifier in your initial enabling condition:


should be

hhroster.Count(x=>x.usual_residence==1) which gives you the number of people for which this residence is the usual residence.

Therefore, your whole enabling condition for the set of questions you want to enable:


That way you can avoid the variable (In which you correctly specify the syntax)



Thank you so very much.