Record GPS location for the entire duration of the interview


I know you can put a GPS question to record the interviewer’s position after pressing on it. Is there a way to record one’s GPS position throughout the entire interview without filling the questionnaire with GPS questions?

What is “GPS position throughout the entire interview”?

I would like to check if someone is using a fake GPS during an interview. From my understanding, this kind of software can make it look like you are in a completely different location from your actual one, however, the GPS coordinates are constant throughout the entire interview’s duration. Whereas if you are not using fake GPS, your coordinates can change very slightly if you move a bit around the store, for example, while interviewing.

Maybe a better phrasing of my question would be: Is there a way to get GPS coordinates multiple times throughout the entire interview’s duration, without filling the questionnaire with GPS questions and having the interviewer inconvenienced by pressing buttons over and over?