Randomizing order of items


I have a set of items for a multiple choice question and I want to randomize order of item.
How can I do this random?
Thank you!

I’m updating this issue, as I’m also very interested in the answer.

Is it also possible with a unique choice question?

For both multi-select and single-select questions, in order to get a random order of the options you have to create multiple copies of that question, each one with a different order of the options.
Then you can use the questionnaire’s random variable to select one of these copies.
So for a true random order you need n! copies of the question.

Alreadty 6! is larger than the maximum number of questions in a section.

Anyhow n! is a large number. Why would anyone do it?

4-5 copies would be sufficient to look differently for different respondents.

Thanks for the suggestions!