Randomize the list/answer choices from a Multi-select question?

Hi !

I set-up a Multi-select question with answer choices Item1, Item2, and so on…
The original list from our client is quite long and my concern is that due to the long respondents might only select the top items/which easily able to see/ refraining them from scrolling down

I know there’s a searchable box/combo box implementation but it would be nicer if we can randomize the choices as well if it’s possible?


Hi @busybee_jake !

Your problem is discussed in this post : randomising-suggestions
The solution provided by @sergiy works very well if you have a few options in your question, however, it becomes impractical with many options.

I am myself looking for a solution to that, but haven’t found yet.


Hi @Noe_Barthelemy

Even though this is not needed anymore. Thanks for sharing the reference!

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