Randomize only one question in the survey


I saw some similar but way more complicated questions than this one, so here I am!

How could I randomize the appearance of a single question in my questionnaire, between two spots in the questionnaire, determined in advance?

For instance : I would like question A to appear sometimes before question B or sometimes after question B.

Is there a way to do that without just duplicating a survey (I’m already working with a lot of versions of this particular survey).

Thanks a lot!

Hello @Jouvin,

Conceptually, you’d need to do the following (in a hypothetical, non-existing language):

R=Random(0 or 1)
IF (R==0) A=ASK("Q1")
IF (R==1) C=ASK("Q1")

You will have to include two copies of the question Q1 - in all possible places where they may appear, then put conditions (must be mutually exclusive) to show only once. Lastly you wrap the answer to a variable to have that named the same Z, regardless when it was asked, and you can subsequently drop A and C in the exported data. This is possible for all questions which can be represented with a variable (e.g. text, numeric, date, etc), but not for images, for example, there you remain with A and C of which only one is populated, then process the data after the export. Hope this helps.

Hope this helps.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin