Randomising elements: Question / feature suggestion

Dear all,

I have a question which I know has been asked in various ways several times before, but not quite answered to my satisfaction. I have a multi-select question with 15 elements (checkboxes), and I want to present these elements in a randomised order to survey respondents (mainly because I have so many elements).

After having looked up how to do this on the forum, one solution presented was to create multiple versions of the same question and have SS randomly pick one of the questions (see here). This approach isn’t ideal if you have 15 elements like I do, as there are too many combinations you’d have to simulate.

Hence my question / proposal. In my specific case, I guess I’d have to write a macro which contains my answer options and randomly selects one for each element (while ensuring no repetitions). But I don’t think this would work unless what was saved in the final dataset was the text of the answer and not the variable number associated with that option. Is there some code someone can point me to which does this?

More generally, it might be worth SS looking into creating a feature in which the user can tick a box called “Randomise”. I think it would be well received, although I can see challenges associated with when the randomisation happens.

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Hi friend @jasmeer

I done an example (a questionnary) with random options for one question.

I can share it with you, only I need your email.


Hi Kv,

Great! Here is my address: Virdee(at)intracen.org


Hi kv,

Can you share the syntax here or forum. So, that some other users also understand about the process. Because, I faced also option randomization as well as question randomization.

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