Random selection public example

I am testing the “public Example Random Demo” questionnaire posted on the Questionnaire Designer on my Android.

It is NOT displaying the selected person. What is the problem with it?

Nothing is wrong with it. It IS displaying the selected person.

I have tried to replicate it in my survey. I got the below errors

[WB0027]:Expression has a syntax error for variables numEligible and randomRowCode specifically - ‘Unexpected character $’ and The name ‘criteria’ does not exist in the current context’.

Tom, you have started with the statement that a public questionnaire dedicated as an example of random selection is not displaying the selected person. Upon checking we find that the example is perfectly fine and working.

You clarify that the problem is not with the public example, but with your questionnaire in which you “tried to replicate” this approach. We don’t know what you actually did and how your replica is similar or dissimilar to the public example.

You have received error messages. Without knowing your questionnaire it’s anybody’s guess what they are and how to fix them. However, in the context of your questionnaire that you are seeing on the screen in front of you, it should make perfect sense.

Broadly: a syntax error means that you wrote an expression that the program can’t understand.

Hello Sergiy. I have gone through the platform, but unfortunately, I have seen yet syntaxes to see how we can randomly select a respond among listed eligible member of household. Could you please assist?

…a respondent among listed eligible member of household…

See here:

Thanks! I am able to get it now and adjust it on my questionnaire designer. Thanks once again.

Hi sergiy,
I would like to know that if i have a list of establishments from which i need to select two randomly, what will be the syntax.
thanks in advance.