Random household selection during village listing activity

Hello! I am planning to do begin a pilot study in the coming weeks, so I need to program a survey to generate a village roster and conduct random household assignment in the field.

There are a few parts of the protocol that complicate matters:

  1. from each village, we have a few households that we have already interacted with, so we want to automatically select these households upon confirmation of eligibility from the pilot;

  2. Then, after completing the village roster with the details of the remaining households in the village, we want the enumerators to be able to randomly select a number of households from this sample so that the total households from 1. and 2. = 20;

  3. I would like to have a random order assignment variable generated for all households after the village roster is complete, so that any households numbered 21 and above may be recalled in case of need for replacement.

I understand how to complete this in Survey CTO but, if possible, I would like to continue working from Survey Solutions. Please advise if you can direct me to any materials that may help in completing this task. Thank you!

Perhaps if you show the steps you do for that in Survey CTO we could advise on equivalent steps in Survey Solutions.