Ramdomizing order of questions for different respondents within the same household

Dear all,

Currently, I successfully replicated the syntax to randomize the order of questions as posted in [Public example: Randomizing order of questions]. However, when I tested the syntax and asked a set of questions for different respondents within the same household, or the same interview__key, the order is the same for all householders who are eligible to answer the set of the questions.

It would be really appreciated if anyone can help to solve this issue.


will have the same random number and hence the same randomization order.

Hi Sergiy,

Thanks for your response.

Can we make different randomizing order of the questions within the same household?

Thanks in advance for your kind help.


Yes. I don’t know anything about your survey, but I imagine that if you want the order to differ for different household members - you will need more than one random number. Leaving aside statistical properties, if you just want the options to look different, you can take different digits for different members.

Dear Sergiy,

Thanks for your advice.