Radio button and check box not displaying in cawi mode

We have developed a user satisfaction CAWI survey and have been using it every year to gauge the user’s satisfaction level with our statistical products.
Every year we copy the survey and apart from a few images and headings it basically stays the same.
It was functionning as intended previously, but this year the questions with radio buttons and check boxes does not appear(as soon as you swith them to combo boxes it shows).
We are running the latest version of SuSo

Any ideas or similar experiences?


Hello @daniedk ,

just checked using this questionnaire:

a question with radio buttons:

a question with checkboxes:

Kindly provide a detailed description of what specifically doesn’t work.

Hi @sergiy thank you for the quick reply
this is the questionnaire on the designer
Stats SA User Satisfaction Survey 2024
You will see that in the first section there are a few questions

when opening a CAWI assignment(I can send you the link)
the firs question that appears is the country question(defined as a combobox).

All the questions in the questionnaire that is defined as either checkbox or radio button does not show when accessing the CAWI assignment



Section with a categorical single select question with radio buttons:

1. Check the above link
A) If you do not see radio buttons here - possibly something wrong with your browser. Works for me. Others can chime in.
B) If you do see radio buttons here - conclude the SOFTWARE is working.

2. Upload YOUR questionnaire to the demo server
A) If you don’t see the radio buttons (for question empl_stat) - we will have an example to study.
B) If you do see the radio buttons (for question empl_stat) - your server/infrastructure is the suspect, of which I have no knowledge.

In all likelihood it is 2.B.

Hope this helps, Sergiy

I agree @sergiy my money is also on 2B I will load on demo server and verify.
Thank you

Tested, works fine on demo server as I have hoped…
Could it be .net version on server?
What is the recommended version for Suso Survey Solutions version 23.09.3?

Imho, unlikely, given the symptoms you’ve described (though still no screenshot of the incorrectly rendered questionnaire page).

See the RemotePayload section here.

Perhaps, inspect the DevTools Console on an active page to see if there are any networking errors.

Best, Sergiy