R package SurveySolutionsAPI now includes functions for map management

The already familiar Survey Solutions API R package has now also been updated, to include the latest REST API endpoints as well as some minor bugfixes.

However even more relevant for some users may be the inclusion of the map functions in this package. These three functions are: suso_mapupload, suso_mapinfo, and suso_mapassign.

All functions can be used in the familiar way, and details can be found in the package vignette. Just update the package to its latest version 0.6.4 to make use of these latest functions.

As always feedback either here or on GitHub is welcome. Further documentation and use cases will follow over the next weeks.

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Further details on the previously mentioned API map functions for R, plus other topics like assignment and user management can be found on the newly released companion website:


Additional topics and examples on how to build your own shiny dashboard with these functions will follow over the next weeks.

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