Questions about the new update

Whit the new version (19.02) the questionnaires develop in the last version (18.12.5) are more size by the new properties incorporate in the elements (questions, lookup table, rosters, etc.)?

For example, on January 28th 2019 in my Designer interface I could compile my questionnary and no one error was found and I could to import it to hearquarters to be asigned at interviewer later.

But now (february 5th 2019), in the designer interface, the same questionnaire I can’t compile, because display me an error that has be maximum capacity reached.

So some new elements at the update has added more size at the questionnary?

Hello, kv700032,

apparently you’ve designed a questionnaire which was exactly 5mb in size and barely fit into the limit allocated for the questionnaire source. With the new version there are now more properties (such as rosters now have a new attribute whether it is plain-mode or not), this means that the same designed questionnaire is now more heavy in terms of the definition and no longer fits into the 5mb limit.

The difference should not be large, just a handful of bytes, and you should be able to transform in to a more compact form by e.g. removing commented-out syntax from the syntax boxes, removing extra spaces in expressions (e.g. converting “x > 5” to “x>5”) etc.

Again, the problem only affected this questionnaire because it was already on the margin of the limit.

Best, Sergiy

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Thank you @sergiy.

With this explanation I am very clear about what has happened and I know how to solve it…

@sergiy Have you considered the possibility of adding a bar that indicates the size of the questionnaire, in order to know the size of a questionnaire and to know when it is about to reach the limit?

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