Questions about Supervisor app

Dear SS Developer, I am currently experiencing two problem:
1)I downloaded the Supervisor app on the demo server, but after I installed it on the tablet, It showed that I could not connect to my own server? “There is no server Internet connection, please check the server URL and/or network settings”I want to know what the reason is and how to solve it.Endpoint address is correct.
2)I tried to connect the site I was told that“HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.”The details are shown below
Thank you.
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Can you replicate the same problem on a demo server?

I have updated the server to 19.04, the supervisor can use supervisor account login, but now there’s a very awkward question, synchronous always fail, for example, both sides are synchronous, the supervisor app can’t received the questionnaire from the Interviewer, the web can be rejected , the supervisor app can see rejected questionnaire, located in outbox, i was told that the questionnaire rejected will back to the Interviewer in next time synchronization, but synchronous multiple times, the questionnaire also don’t go back? As shown in the figure.

  1. Kindly switch the tablets to English for the sake of screenshots.
  2. When posting the screenshots, don’t cut them.
  3. Rejected interviews are supposed to go to that interviewer, as per your quote, but we don’t see the interviewer part of the sync log.
  4. Reboot both tablets, login to both applications, start horizontal sync on the supervisor, then click to sync the interviewer. Take screenshots of both devices when sync completes.