Questionniare upgrading

we recently experienced this potential issue, with our survey process, after beginning the survey process, we would of realized there was a validation error within our questionnaire so we rectified the error and created a new version of the questionnaire, after doing this we upgraded the old assignments to the new version, what we would of noticed is that assignments that were not completed or started, that would of been upgraded to the new version created a duplicate of the old version so we had assignments with the same identifying information but different assignment numbers.

please advise, assist.

thank you regards.

Hi, Kishi.

Where particularly can You see duplicates? Please provide screenshots or bit more details with the issue

The only thing I can think of - is in Interviewer App there will be new assignment with new number on first tab and on Started tab there will be created interviews from older assignment.

Small quote from release notes of Survey Solutions version 18.06

Upgrade of assignments: Survey Solutions will now assist the Headquarters users in migrating assignments in case of a questionnaire update. When a new version of an existing questionnaire is imported to the server, any unfulfilled assignments in the old version may be migrated to the new version. If the HQ user decides to migrate the assignments, the system will examine them one by one and decide whether the migration is possible and if so, archive the original assignment and recreate a new assignment in the new version of the questionnaire (for the remaining number of interviews still not delivered).

In case when there is unfulfilled assignments and interviewer has started some interviews from old one - then on interviewer device there will be two cards with same identifying information, but different assignment numbers.

It’s not an error or an issue. It’s intended behavior. Any started interviews are not deleted in case of assignment changes.

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