Questionnaires that are publicly accessible via link

Use case: Often, one wants to share a Designer questionnaire without actually adding others. This could be for a few reasons. First, the sharing audience is indeterminate. For example, for client support, one might want to answer a forum question with a questionnaire such that all forum users could see it. Second, the objective of sharing is for rapid review rather than use. For example, one might share a prototype with an audience to see if the design is right, and share this “disposable” questionnaire via a web link.

Currently, Designer questionnaires are either private or public. The private questionnaires can be shared by users only by adding other specific users to view/edit the questionnaire. The public questionnaires can only be made public by the SuSo dev team.

Missing, then, is a mechanism to make Designer questionnaires broadly publicly available without making them public. (Allowing users to make questionnaires public does not seem to be a desirable solution. The public questionnaire space would get quickly littered with questionnaires.)

Inspiration: GitHub Gist. With a Gist, one creates some code and may share the link with others. With a Gist-like Designer questionnaire, one creates a questionnaire and may share it with others via a web link. Like with a Gist, the questionnaire can be cloned and forked by others. For more background on Gist, see here, here, or a few bits of R code embedded in the form by Lena here

Implementation ideas

  1. Create two classes of public questionnaires. Class 1: collection of public questionnaires curated by SuSo team (i.e., what currently exists). Class 2: collection of user-generated public questionnaires (i.e., what used to exist).
  2. Allow users to make questionnaires public, but do not show them in the list of questionnaires in the public questionnaires.



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I second this idea. It could be similar to sharing in google docs where you can get a shareable link for the document with options to view, comment, edit.

I am the third to second this idea :slight_smile: