Questionnaires Management in Designer

Hello Support and all users,

I could not find any related topic on the forum so I am taking the liberty to suggest a bunch of general new features related to questionnaires management in Designer:

  1. Questionnaires classification: It would be helpful to have the possibility to sort questionnaires and group them by project/theme/date, like when you create folders on your computer; for example, we have 7 tools for a longitudinal study made of three survey rounds, and therefore a total of close to 20 questionnaires for that study (questionnaires were updated from one round to another): it would be nice to create a “folder” called SDG (the project name) and maybe sub-folders, where the questionnaires can then be classified as relevant; ideally it would then be possible to copy/paste/etc. entire folders;
  2. Questionnaires’ security: (and by extension, “folders” security if point #1 above is doable) All of our interviewers, during training, are given access to our tester credentials so they can get comfortable with the system and report any issue. But they can also see and test any other system we developed in Designer. My question is therefore: would it be possible to set individual questionnaire (and folders, see point #1) security passwords (can be developed as optional) so interviewers will not be able to see/access other tools, and/or to even hide questionnaires that we do not want interviewers to see? Some clients have strict questionnaire confidentiality requirements. The only way around that I can see for now is to create at least one new designer account, with which we would only share the questionnaires we want interviewers to see. But I find it burdensome and redundant to possibly do it for each different project (if we run three projects in the same time, with three different teams, and each of the three clients wishes to keep their questionnaire confidential, then we may need to create three designer accounts). Is it even possible to delete a Designer account at our end, when the project is completed?
  3. Questionnaires’ security (follow-up): Would it also be possible to identify which tablets are accessing our Designer, individual questionnaires (or folders if point #1 doable) and to restrict these items’ access to a selected set of tablets?

I realize that I am asking a lot and I am not sure that it is even possible to implement such features. I hope that this request makes sense though and I’d appreciate any recommendations on questionnaires management in Designer to answer the above-mentioned points.

Thanks a lot.
Best regards,