Questionnaire with two names

We have started a survey and decided to change the name of the questionnaire half way. Now Ver 1 of the questionnaire is named “XXX - Wave 1” while ver 2 onwards are named “XXX - Update - Wave 1”

Until now, to view the interviews for version 1, we had to select the specific questionnaire name. But now we are not able to see the Ver 1 interviews. When we select the Questionnaire (“XXX - Wave 1”) that has Ver 1 data, the other questionnaire (“XXX - Update - Wave 1”) gets selected, and only interviews from v2 and beyond are displayed.

May I suggest not displaying the names of questionnaire with the same questionnaire ID separately and using the name from the latest Version. Clubbing these will make it easier to navigate the interviews.

Screenshot 2021-05-21 at 11.28.26 AM
Here the last two Questionnaires are same with different names.

When I click on 145 instead of displaying the 145 interviews, I see 29030 interviews (Which is all interviews of the two questionnaire combined)

Screenshot 2021-05-21 at 11.49.30 AM

The Questionnaire version filter doesn’t show Ver 1 (Where the questionnaire was named differently)

Yes, and no.

Consider I am doing a labor force survey in Ethiopia. I take the “LFS” questionnaire, rename it to “LFS Ethiopia”, import to HQ. I see “LFS Ethiopia (ver… 1)”. Then I want to do an LFS in Botswana, I go to the Designer and rename the questionnaire to “LFS Botswana”, I import it and will see “LFS Botswana (ver. 2)”.

Clearly, I don’t want the Ethiopia survey to get renamed in this case.

Now leaving titles aside, you should be able to see all of your interviews on the server. So if anything is not discoverable, please clarify specifically that part, because the following sounds as a contradiction:

When it comes to reporting, the program can’t guess your intents, thus will not be able to satisfy everyone. Some people will say that in my example above the reporting should be done by country - since the titles are different, and the difference is essential (only the questionnaire author will be able to tell), some would say that this is details, and what matters is LFS, and thus the stats may be added up regardless which country they are coming from.

I guess the advice I can give is the following:

If you wish the export, statistics, and filters to treat some portion of your data separately, that must come from a separate questionnaire - a different document that you see as a separate entry in the Designer.

This means that you may need then to clone the questionnaire in the Designer. The questionnaire copy will look identical to the original, but with a different identifier, which is used to make dynasties in the HQ.

In my example above, having an LFS questionnaire (may be with internal ID CECE), I should have made a copy of it for Ethiopia (and it may end up with an internal id BABA) and another copy for Botswana (which may get assigned an internal ID DEDE), and leave the template I started with intact. Then when I import BABA and DEDE to the HQ, it will have no idea that they originated from the same questionnaire CECE, and will treat them separately.

On the other hand, if all you are doing is correcting errors or making improvements in the questionnaire, there is no need to tell that it is no longer HDSS, but HDSS Update. This is redundant and obvious from the version number assigned to each imported questionnaire.

Hope this helps, Sergiy

  1. I agree that LFS Ethiopia and LFS Botswana should be reported as separate questionnaire. But then they shouldn’t be used as versions of the same questionnaire. They should have their own questionnaire ID (a separate copy in the designer, as you explain later)

  2. In our scenario, we had to introduce a new questionnaire for adding new households. The existing questionnaire is being used to update existing households (prefilled). The nomenclature had to be changed to reflect these changes and to avoid confusion.

The problem is that we get a mixed report. Although both the questionnaire names HDSS (ver 1) and HDSS Update (Ver 2,3 & 4) show upon the filter list, selecting either HDSS or HDSS Update selects HDSS Update and shows all interviews (Ver 1-4).

Surveys and Statuses shows the numbers correctly. But clicking on these numbers again shows combined interviews (Screenshots in previous post).

There are two ways to look at change in name of a questionnaire (with same questionnaire ID)

  1. Treat then as the same and use the latest name. (I would prefer this.)
  2. Treat then as separate questionnaire. (Separate questionnaires should be defined as a separate copy - questionnaire ID - in the designer)

Right now, the system uses method 1 at some places and method 2 in other. This seems to be recent, as we were able to see the two variants as separate questionnaire before also and they would filter correctly.

Export section shows 2 questionnaires, but shows all versions under both. Here Sevagram HDSS - Wave 1 only has ver. 1, while Sevagram HDSS - Update - Wave 1 has Ver. 2, 3 & 4.

Cumulative Interview Chart:

Teams and Statuses: