QUESTIONNAIRE view problem

Dear Team,
We have one QUESTIONNAIRE. In that there is drop down option. It has list. when we type the keys it is not visible the search textbox. this problem start when our tab is update to new Android version 8.1. kindly help us.

Dear Sandeephhujbal,

could you please

  1. share the video of the behavior of the combobox in the same questionnaire when run in Android 5-7 where you say it is working and Android 8.1 where you say it is not working?
  2. provide full information about each device (brand, formal model number, exact Android version, etc).
  3. exact version of the Survey Solutions installed on each tablet.
  4. example questionnaire and test input that you’ve entered.

Thank you, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,
I have send an email. kindly check an email.