Questionnaire versions do not appear in Assignments filter

I have two Survey Solutions projects for which questionnaire versions are missing from the filter on the Assignments screen. I tried manually changing the version number in the URL (in this case, from v9 to v10), but entering that new URL opens v3 (the earliest version on the server).


Thank you in advance for your help!

This means that there are no assignments on that version yet. Once you create some assignments for that version, you will see it appearing in the filter box.

Manipulating the URLs manually is not always a good idea. Only when you use the API and follow the API documentation on what the query parameters are for.

Hi Sergiy,

Thank you very much for getting back to me. I have assigned over 100 interviews for v10 of the questionnaire, and I am able to export the collected data for this version. The assignments do appear in the unfiltered list, but “(ver. 10)” does not appear in the filter drop-down menu.


Peter, up to top N results are shown in the questionnaire-filter on the assignments page (N=12 if I recall correctly). In your case you have several questionnaires and many versions of each. So start typing the questionnaire name and you should see the results containing the particular version you are looking for. If you have too many versions of the same questionnaire you will have hard time coordinating your survey activities.

Many versions are commonly indicative of insufficient testing during the questionnaire development process.
If older versions are obsolete and data collected not needed (such as training, testing or piloting data), delete them from the server. If the data is still needed, consider downloading it and then deleting that version.

See also this:

Best, Sergiy