questionnaire translation use in paradata (Interviewer action file)


Does the paradata track when interviewers switch from one language to the other? We would like to see when and how often our translators choose to look at the French or at the Wolof translations of the questionnaire while they are surveying.

Thanks in advance!


at the moment: no. But we are having this on our to-do list. So watch for the updates messages.

If the survey is already in the field, request enumerator to add a comment to the last question “Completed in French” or “Completed in Wolof”. Commentaries are exported and you will then have this info, but will have to rely on the interviewers though.

Best, Sergiy

Thanks Sergiy, I am looking forward to seeing this function added; we would like to write a paper on this topic once we are able to get this type of data.

We are particularly interested in how (and when and how often) they switch back and forth between languages during one survey, not just the language that the survey was mainly completed in. Having data that does not rely on the surveyors reporting this is important since in many cases they are not supposed to refer back to the original language, but might be doing this despite instructions.