Questionnaire selection

Possible Bug with selecting questionnaires with a similar name.

we have several questionnaires that we have done minimal updates to for every quarter and thus create a new version, however after we updated to the latest version of SS we can no longer select some of our questionnaires or get the desired version

Why? what questionnaire is not selectable?

From the group of lfs questionnaires only the one that reads Grenada LFS Y3Q2 2020-COVID is selectable

This seems to be the same issue. Only the latest version of the questionnaire will get selected when the questionnaire name is changed.

@kishi ideally for such a scenario, you should duplicate the questionnaire in designer for each quarter, and not use different versions of the questionnaire. Renaming the questionnaire will only have cosmetic change, while the being treated as the same survey in the backend.

sorry if I wasn’t clear the questionnaire is duplicated in the designer and a new variable name is given to the questionnaire for each quarter unfortunately in my case it’s the first version of the questionnaire that is being selected and not the most recent version. Also another version of the questionnaire isn’t selectable it reverts to the same questionnaire and versions

Have you tried typing Y3Q2 into the search box??