Questionnaire Grey out

Hi All,

We are facing the following issues in Survey Solutions 22.02.5 (build 32369) .

  1. There are some old questionnaire versions that we are trying to delete but we are unable to delete them. The questionnaire just stays grayed out but never goes away.
    a. The side effect is that all Interviews remain in the server and workspace and might cause confusion.

  1. The second issue is that for these grayed out questionnaires we are unable to delete, we are trying to at least “Archive” the assignments so that they do not appear in Interviewers tablets anymore. However, clicking on the “Archive” button has no effect. This is unexpected and incorrect behavior.

Any assistance will be highly appreciated

When you are marking questionnaire for deletion the application will collect all information and delete all dependent object. Depending on number of assignments and interviews it could take some time. During this time the questionnaire is displayed in the list as grayed out. If something happened and system was not able to delete everything this line doesn’t disappear.
We need your server logs to see what went wrong.

This is described in Deleting a survey article. Clearly, when the survey is being deleted, you can’t and you shouldn’t manipulate any of its parts (interviews, assignments). Hence your second issue.

Best, Sergiy