Questionnaire en word office

peut on importer en servey solutions un questionnaire déjà élaborer en word ?


You can copy a question’s text that you’ve prepared in Word to the Survey Solutions questionnaire.

thank you for your answer my question is how we can completely import the questionnaire already developed in word without redoing the design again

To avoid duplication of work, start designing your questionnaire in the Designer directly. If needed you can export it as an HTML document (which you can open in Word and resave as a *.doc or a *.docx file).

To answer a bit more directly, there’s currently no way to import an arbitrary Word questionnaire into Survey Solutions. This isn’t a well-defined process (e.g., where are questions found, where do answer options appear, how does one infer the Survey Solutions question type for a question, etc.)

For such a think to be possible, there would need to be a well-structured document template. Unfortunately, paper questionnaires are a bit too diverse. Some use Word. Some use Excel. And even those that use the same word processing tool, the formats may be different (e.g., some specify answer options as “Answer…1” others as “Answer = 1”, and still others mix answer option formats within the same questionnaire).

For CAPI systems where conversion is possible, the questionnaire needs to follow a rigid format that’s more machine-readable (e.g., a database in Excel where columns contain CAPI questionnaire entity attributes) but than human-readable (e.g., nicely laid out as one expects of a print-ready paper questionnaire).