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We are loading all the options possible in all our categorical questions, but at this point we are facing the next error “[WB0098]:El tamaño del cuestionario es aproximadamente 8.02MB. Es demasiado grande para ser trabajado adecuadamente con Survey Solutions, trate de reducir su tamaño hasta un máximo de 5 MB”, translated saids that our questionarie has reached the maximun weigth. We really need to charge all this catalogs, I hope SS team can helps us with this issue.

Can these problems of capacitiy be overcome using a local instance instead of the one in the World Bank?

Thanks in advance.


Does the limit “Maximum size of the questionnaire (not including attachments) 10 [MB]” is realated to this issue?

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This is a sanity check: 8MB roughly corresponds to 2,000 pages filled with text.

What are the catalogs you are uploading?

We are loading 9 combobox single select questions with 2,910 options each, these questions are inside the second level of nested rosters. The questions related to them are different, so we cant insert them into a roster to avoid havind 9 times the same questions. The file that contents all these options is 236 KB. Can we share the questionarie with you so you can give us a diagnostic?

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I have just tried with 10 questions of this size and it is accepted all right. Indeed an individual set of options may be up to 15,000.

But it must be the cumulative size of all questions in your questionnaire that is too big. The last straw that broke the camel’s back kind of a thing.

Thanks for your response @sergiy,

Can this issue be overcome on any way?, I am talking about the ENIGH project in Honduras, as you get to know on the last visit, we were having some problems with the way that we were designing our survey, now that we overcome that issues we are facing problems with the catalog that contains products and services.

So there is no exception for this limit?


I have a same problem of size of questionaire. I got error message after I added second singleselect question with 11 000 options.
I want to ask in questionaire for job, 2nd job and last job. So i have to insert same options 3x (11 000) thats why my questionaire is too big.
Is it possible to upload classification once and use it in different questions? If not do you plan
to add something like that in future? Also it could be handy for updating classifications when it will be in one place.


This feature exists already and is called “reusable categories”.

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