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Dear SS,

We have a section of a questionnaire’s module that works like this:

We check the eligibility of the household to place a sensor
If eligible–> Preplacement subsection: select the room, place the sensor and scan the qr code
If sensor placed & QR code scanned–>Postplacement subsection: fill info on what happened in the room where the sensor was placed (administered 24 hrs after the placement).

The issue: the enumerators fill the preplacement subsection and get it green. Though, the postplacement is grayed out (i.e. disabled), although the enabling conditions have been meet (cfr attached issue_postplacement1). We were wondering why a subsection would be disabled even if the enablement conditions are met.

I am attaching the pdf version of the questionnaire (relevant pages are 97-121KCHS_FDP_HC (3).pdf (1.8 MB) ).
Happy to provide any further clarification need.


Note 1. The enumerators are using their android phones to do the interviews and they all get the QR code number on their screen. Hence I would rule out the possibility that the QR code is not being captured because of unrecognized barcode format (Recognized Barcode Formats), hence deactivating the enabling condition for the postplacement.
Note 2. When we view the faulty interviews in the HQ, we see that the pre-placement subsection is not in green but in blue (cfr attached issue_postplacement2-5


It looks to me like the Postplacement Section enabling condition is not met:

IsAnswered(qrcode_sen1k) || (IsAnswered(qrcode_sen1) & IsAnswered(qrcode_sen2))

The condition says: either the kitchen code must have been scanned, or both codes for other rooms must have been scanned.

But according to your screenshots it doesn’t seem to be the kitchen and there is only one eligible room (the Adult Bedroom) whose code was scanned.
So the code for the second room hasn’t been scanned and the condition for the Postplacement Section is not met.

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Dear Klaus,

Thank you so much - indeed such scenario was not being captured by the enabling condition.


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