Query about device relinking

What to do if when symchronization, it says that your device is link to other device, thus it cannot synchronize when in fact no other device was logged in usi g the assigned user name.

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Please, read the following article:


This feature was made intentionally not to mix up users and tablets.

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@sun4alive In case you are having to relink a device , for example a tablet needs to be formatted and another tablet is allocated to the interviewer for him to continue a survey. Then does it render the first table unusable with Survey Solutons? Or can the first tablet be used again after formatting? Thanks

You could just re-link it back or create a new user and log in with that user on the first tablet (I’d assume if it’s been formatted, the app wont have the user locked)
If you ever need to change users (Huge warning: always be sure there is no data you need before doing this), you just need to clear the data of the interviewer app and perform the first time setup with whichever user you want to be using the tablet.
Just beware of the consequences noted in the article linked

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