QR Code for login

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I have been using Survey Solutions for a while and I have always been entering the server URL in the Interviewer app manually. As you can imagine this is super time-consuming and I have been willing to try and use the QR code for a long time, but with the workspace new structure, I am not sure about where I can get the QR code from: In the Users tab (as an admin), I can see the list of supervisors and interviewers, etc. but when I click on any interviewer, I do not see any QR code. Am I missing anything? I reviewed the available documentation on the website but can’t seem to figure out the right way to proceed with the workspace layout.
Thanks a lot.
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The QR-code is being displayed in the interviewer profile:

Ok well I could not find the interviewer tab, until I clicked on Reports > Devices/Interviewers, then selected the team and the interviewer, and finally I could see the QR code. Solved, thank you!

This is more straightforward when an interviewer logs in.

Your mentioning of the reports indicates that your user is not in the interviewer role.