📢 Public questionnaires maintenance

This note is for all authors of the questionnaires deposited to the public questionnaires collection in the Survey Solutions Designer.

Numerous changes in Survey Solutions have taken place over time, which may have caused the questionnaires valid in the past to no longer compile in the Designer.

These changes include (most commonly):

  • mandatory cover page section;
  • naming of attachments and lookup tables;
  • some syntax changes;
    and other changes.

If you are the author (or co-author) of a questionnaire deposited into the public questionnaires collection of Survey Solutions Designer, please check that your questionnaire compiles in the current version of Survey Solutions.

Any questionnaire in the public collection that doesn’t compile/doesn’t open in the Tester App will be ‘unpublished’ from this collection at the end of January 2024.

(Such questionnaires will not be deleted, but will no longer appear in the publicly accessible collection of questionnaire documents.)

Please chime in if you:

  • need an explanation why your specific questionnaire currently shared in the public collection does not compile;
  • need an advice on what changes need to be done to make it working again;
  • or if you discover that a questionnaire is still not compiling (after 31.Jan.2024).