Public LSMS questionnaire example

There used to be a LSMS survey in the publicly available questionnaire in Designer. This doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Is there anyway to get access to that questionnaire? It has a lot of useful examples for more complicated rosters that would help programming a lot.


  1. There was a possibility of any user making a questionnaire public earlier.
  2. Now only admins can make a questionnaire public to make sure the public examples are of good quality.
  3. we still need to know which questionnaire you are referring to, since it was not necessarily made by our team, and hence you need to contact the proper owner of the questionnaire. If the owner expresses the wish to make a questionnaire public, we will need to do a quality review together.

Note also, that as the software develops very quickly, there are often more efficient ways of doing things now, than in the earlier versions, so earlier solutions are not necessarily the best now.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin