Provided value is null or empty Value that was expected to be not empty is found to be empty in the final data file

After exporting the data for my survey I found some sections with empty values. When I send the interview back to the interviewer tablet, it is all green sections meaning it has data but I cannot open it to view/ merge the values. This is with 26 cases. Is there a solution to retrieve the data on these interviews?


Hello @ibadreldin

This is an incorrect interpretation. The section title is green if the section doesn’t have

  • any question that is left without an answer, AND
  • any question that was answered, but the answer is deemed invalid due to validation.

In a trivial case, if all the questions in a section become disabled, they switch off and you are left with a blank, section, which will appear in green.

Knowing nothing about your questionnaire, conditions, or data, it is hard to say anything more.

An example of a problem would be: “An interviewer entered 25 as answer to question Q7. He can see and change the value 25 to e.g. 26, or 24. But when the data is exported, I am getting a system missing value in the column corresponding to the question Q7. Question Q7 is not having any condition and is not within any section or roster with an enabling condition.”. But your case doesn’t appear so clear.

I have absolutely zero guesses about what you’ve meant by “merge the values” in this context.

thank you for taking the time to reply Sergiy. Let me explain further; these interviews were sent back to the interviewer tablet to fix some errors. Upon returning the interview, the fields after section B are empty in exported data while they actually contain values. I am trying to retrieve these interviews but they don’t open, instead of having to redo these cases as we are in the reporting stage already. Is there any solution?

How is it established that the fields after section B …actually contain values ??
Screenshot please.

thx for your reply. this the screenshot from the HQ view

This is the screenshot from the interviewer tablet

  1. Is there any question answered by the interviewer in any of the green sections after section B?
    I can’t see this in the screenshot.
    You can show any part which is not compromizing the confidentiality of the respondent or redact the sensitive content. But I need to confirm that there is an answer there. You can leave the first letter of the name, first digit of a numeric value, etc.

  2. Compare the statistics that you see in the screenshot of the HQ’s view with the statistics that you see in the interview on the tablet on the completion screen. We are interested in the number of questions answered.

  3. Make sure after that you complete the interview again and the tablet is synchronized back to the server. The interview should disappear from your tablet. If the interview is still on the tablet, what are you exporting from the server then???