Provide number of unanswered interviewer questions in `interview__diagnostics`

Use case: For users that have business logic on when to accept and reject interviews (e.g., has a user-defined error or has 1+ unanswered questions), it would be helpful to have the number of unanswered interviewer questions in an export file like interview__diagnostics. This provides users with the quantity that they want without making calls to /api/v1/interviews/{id}/stats endpoint for each interview of interest.

Potential changes to make:

  • Store the number of unanswered questions, as determined by Interviewer, in data sent to the server
  • Export this quantity in the interview__diagnostics file

To provide a bit more detail, this change may be desirable from the perspective of both the end user and of the system resources. For the user, the desired quantity is the number of unanswered interviewer questions. (Users that want the total unanswered questions–interviewer unanswered + supervisor unanswered–can obtain that quantity from the API.) This quantity is not available in the system. For system resources, export of this quantity avoids calls to the API to compute this quantity for each interview of interest.


  • Compute the number of unanswered questions by getting the total unanswered questions from the API and subtracting the number of unanswered supervisor questions
  • Use some other algorithm to compute unanswered interviewer questions