Provide link for Supervisor App in HQ account

Having to log into a supervisor account to download the app is a little annoying, it would be nice if there was a link in the HQ accounts as well, similar to the ‘get interviewer app’ link.

Headquarters users don’t use the supervisor app. They can’t login into it with their HQ credentials. They work on a different device. They don’t travel with the teams. Why is it annoying?

HQ also don’t interview but they get the link to the interviewer app.

Maybe the admin account then?
I’d even prefer just a link at the bottom of every page, even before login, like the interviewer app.
Is there any reason the supervisor app needs to be more restrictive in the ability to download it?

The set up for the tablets is a batch process, we don’t have to log in to an interviewer account to download the interviewer app, so I’m not sure why we have to go to a supervisor account to download the supervisor app.

It’s just an (admittedly pretty minor) annoyance when the updates roll around or when teaching new admins to have to log in to a supervisor account to download the app in order to set up new tablets.