Protected data preloading - problem

I would like to protect preloaded data in a Numeric question type:

When I try to Creating multiple assignments with batch upload, I get this error:

1 error found

PL0049 : Variable type cannot be protected.

File name:

Cell: Dec_prec ( Column: variable__name,Row: 1)

How can I fix this?

What does ‘decada curenta’ mean?


Thank you for replying.
“Decada curenta” means the current period (10-day periods).
The purpose of the questionnaire is to collect the prices. In our country the format is a number of decimal places.
E.g .: milk price - 2.99 ron

Hello Mirela,

then (by definition) the previous price, may not be acquired in the current period and must be stored in a hidden question if needed for reference. See note on hidden questions in release notes for v5.1.

Protected values are for different things and will not deliver you what you expect from it.

(For a moment I thought you want to store the value of the decade, such as 1st decade, 2nd decade, etc. But apparently this is not the case.)

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,

Thank you for your answer.

I apologise, I wasn’t very clear.

In fact it is the case you mentioned in your answer. I do want to collect the prices for 3 decades (1st decade, 2nd decade and 3rd decade) within a month. But on the questionnaire I would like to use only these two questions for every product (and preload protected files on the questionnaire before each price collection with data from previous period):

  1. „Decada precedenta” - The price collected for previous period - which can be seen, but can’t be modified by interviewer;

  2. „Decada curenta” - The price collected for current period.

The reason for this is that it will be easier for the person who collect the prices to guide and evaluate in collecting exactly the same product.

I hope I am more clear now.

Thank you four your help.

I am afraid you are still not clear. If you want to collect something, it must be open for entering/editing values.

This is the number one reason for NOT doing it. When your interviewers see the previous prices they will not go to the stores, but will enter the previous values at home and submit you the forms.

There should have been training on Survey Solutions in the Statistical Institute of Romania (INSSE). If you have any contacts, please get in touch, as they should have experienced people who will be able to assist you with this.