Process Survey Solution question in Database Management System

Dear Survey Solution Developer Team and Users,
The best way to process any data is to store them in a DBMS. This for several reason, among others:
b. replication: redondancy;
c.-advanced audit trail;
e.-support of core data processing oriented programming language such as panda/python, R, CSPro;
e. compatibility with any GIS, statistical, open source dashboard and graph packages (D3, by example) etc;
It’s why, users from other CAPI already solve this long ago:

However, i can find any explanation or existing way to have similar in Survey Solution…
Please any idea and help to solve this!

Survey Solutions uses PostgreSQL for storing its data. Currently structure of storage is not intended for consumption by any other software than application itself. It might change in the future though.

Thank you for considering this.
Best Regards,